27 June 2019

Kakkanad Prison

24 male inmates at Borstal school Kakanad were given a talk and taught the nuances of sketching by artists Alex and Sarah, including teaching new techniques of drawing human faces.

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23 May 2019

Kakkanad District Prison, Borstal School

Teaching the young male inmates at Borstal School how to draw and sketch, artist Alex encouraged them to draw anything they wished to speak about. From Siva to Buddha, the communication of thought was interesting.

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7th April 2019

Ashwasabhavan Orphanage, Fort Kochi

Artist talk with Mathew Joy of Jam Conservatory Music Academy at Ashwasabhavan orphanage in Fort Kochi, on talents, drumming and music




27th September 2018

St. Thomas Girls High School, Thevara

In Collaboration with the Kochi- Muziris Binnale Foundation, TAOS conducted an Artist talk  at St. Thomas Girls High School,Thevara with  Ukrainian artist Anton Kats .

The session included listening exercises, which were performed to explore the composites of the surroundings through voices. It was followed by Anton’s video presentation on his projects, and the development of a “learning platform” through radio and film.


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9th February 2018

Artist interaction at Our Lady’s Convent Girls’ School, Thoppumpady

In collaboration with Kashi Art Gallery, on 9 February 2018, The Art Outreach Society conducted a two-hour long interactive session with artist Catherine Stoll-Simon. A writer and plastic artist, she introduced her current works of art to students of grades 8 and 9. She spoke about how she came across the twice-a-century exhibition of Christ’s tunic at a French basilica, a few years ago, and how that spurred her to delve upon ‘sacred clothes’ and their relevance and meaning to civilizations and cultures.

Working with large, fifty-year-old sackcloths found outside the city of Paris, she has recreated Christ’s garments and retold the story of spiritual vs material using a famous city’s landscape at the back of the three works. More than decoration, her work space and artworks speaks of ritual and reverence. She lights a candle and offer prayers to the divine before she sets her chisel.

Catherine showed the students photos of the process – from curing and colouring the sacks to etching the cityscape using modelling paste and wire meshes and finishing her two-foot by two-foot canvases. The girls were thrilled about her travels and experiences and asked her several questions about her current and previous exhibitions and artworks.

She has extensively worked and lived with the Bedouins of Africa and is a member of International Foundation of Worldwide Deserts. Catherine, in her series, will also be creating similar works based on the holy vestments worn by Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist and Shamanic religious heads.

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28th October 2017

Heritage Walk/Fort Kochi,
In collaboration with Sahapedia
St Thomas Girl’s High School, Thevara

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August 2017

Sacred Heart College, Thevara

Artist Talk by Indu Antony

Residency artist of Kashi Art Gallery, Indu Antony, spoke to the students of Sacred Heart College in Thevara about her journey as an artist, concepts and medium of work, including her residencies abroad. The talk ended with a Q&A session.

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17th December 2016
Heritage Walk, Fort Kochi

In collaboration with Sahapedia

A heritage walk was conducted by TAOS in collaboration with Sahapedia, an online encyclopaedia of India’s art and culture. Forty five students from St Thomas Girl’s High School, Thevara, Kochi went on a guided tour lead by Mr. Antony Thommen, a resident of Fort Kochi and professional history guide. He briefed them of the town’s history and provided information on various monuments in the region.

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15th December 2016
Artist Talk with Gigi Scaria at Delta Study, Fort Kochi

Spending more than an hour listening to and interacting with International artist Gigi Scaria, 30 high school students of Delta Study, Fort Kochi, had a great time getting to know his most recent artworks and thought processes. The students enjoyed the presentation of photos of his various sculptures, paintings, art installations and multimedia projects, exhibited across the globe. Some of them were intrigued about the the art-making process itself, asking intermittently about the how’s and why’s of it.

Artist Gigi Scaria answered the kids’ questions and ignited in them an interest to look at art differently. He also briefed them about his current work on Women and Urban Landscapes. This was also an introductory session by TAOS on art appreciation for the young minds.


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Open studio at Town House, Quiros Street

The artists whose works were shown at the two exhibitions – Artist: the Public Intellectual curated by Tanya Abraham and Landscapes and Silence curated by Tanya Abraham and Wayne Baerwaldt – were thrilled to interact with about 45 students from three city schools. The Open Studio was conducted for Delta Study, Nava Nirman Public School and Global Public School by TAOS.

Accompanying staff of the three schools were overjoyed to see their students actively discussing with the various Indian and Canadian artists, sharing thoughts and ideas, all the while appreciating the multiple facets of the works they came across. A special mention for artist Eliyahu Meydad, who made slmost all the students take part in his work, Kadalasupetti. He made them look at photographs of the Jewish migration from Kochi to Israel, post Indian Indeoendence and write down what they felt, made them use the date and place stamps on textured paper, even got some of them to identify photos of older Jewish folks who once lived in Kochi.

Artist Paula Sengupta reading out traditional Tibetan tales to students and teachers of Delta Study as part of the Open Studio
Students of Delta Study interact with artist Paula Sengupta
Students of Delta Study interact with artist Paula Sengupta
Curator of the two exhibitions, Tanya Abraham introduces the students and teachers of Nava Nirman Public School to the artists and their works
Artist Margaret Lanzetta interacts with students and teachers of Global Public School

Artist Gabriela Garcia-Luna explains her view on Landscapes and Silence

Karma Samten Gyatso and Tenzin Choenden watch their own video-experience played at the venue – talks about the Tibetan community in Kerala and what ‘home’ means to them

10th November 2016

Artist Talk at Rajagiri School

Mo Reda, an artist at the Kochi Biennale, interacted with the students at Rajagiri School, on November 9, 2016 at an art talk conducted by TAOS.

Reda, an experienced artist who has specialized in performance art, drawing and installation, talked about his works and how his experiences and hardships have contributed to his process.

The artist shared his past and explained how he turned his heritage into a mosiac of stories. He emphasised on converting memory into actual artwork.

The event was in collaboration with Kochi Muziris Biennale.


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15th September 2016

Artist Talk

Augustin Rebetz ,a visiting artist at the Kochi Biennale interacted with the students of the Dept of Communication and Media , Sacred Heart College, Thevara,on Sept 7 th 2016 at an art talk conducted by TAOS.

Augustin, a Swiss visual artist and photographer who integrates drawing,  painting , photography , installations as well as stop motion movies in his work introduced the 40 gathered art enthusiasts to his body of work through an hour long talk and audio video presentation which was then followed by a Q and A session.

The artist faced a wide variety of questions from the students ranging from the use of symbols in his work , the mood and theme of his works, to the collaborative nature of his installations and videos.

The stop motion movies generated the greatest interest and the discussion lead to a possible collaboration between some of the students and the artist while he was in Kerala…  a positive outcome for everyone involved

The event was a success as evidenced by Sacred Heart College’s interest in partnering with TAOS for more art initiatives.


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