Events & Fundraising


14 August 2018

TAOS in collaboration with Nrithyakshetra, a dance school in Kochi, held an evening of the dance form Mohiniyattam to raise funds for its upcoming projects. The “untainted form” of the dance was presented by Sandhya Rajan and her team, under the mentorship of Sridevi Rajan, daughter of Kalamandalam Kalayanikutty Amma, who is known as the “mother of Mohiniyattam”. The programme was held at Casino Hotel, followed by dinner.

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Open Mic, May 2017

Open Mic by TAOS was conducted at the Donut Factory on 22 May, 2017 from 5 PM. With more than 21 pre-registered performers and many more who registered on the spot, the venue was filled with poetry, music and roaring laughter. The fun-filled event was the first of its kind in Kochi. The promotional event for TAOS was a call out to the potential volunteers.

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TAOS Art Fest 2017

The TAOS Art Fest 2017, sponsored by Shoba Builders, was organised on 6 May, 2017 at Yatch Club, Thevara. Various workshops by eminent artists were conducted from 10:00AM- 3:00PM.

The workshop was conducted by artist Narayana Bhattathiri, who used a variety of tools to demonstrate to the students how different strokes can be produced and used.

Clay Modelling
The students got a great lesson on pottery and used the wheel to create their own designs under the guidance of artist Jayan.

Artist Viji taught the students the Japanese art of folding paper and they created many models including butterflies and flowers.

Kite Making
Colourful kites were made and flown by the students under the guidance of artist Kajal.

Pencil Shading
Artist Satish made the students sketch the view in front of them and guided them as they shaded it using different tones.

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July 2016

Cupcake frosting workshop

Held at Yacht Club, the Cupcake Frosting workshop saw 23 young children get a demo and some hands-on experience in baking cupcakes in flavours such as red velvet, chocolate and vanilla. It was held by Bhavana Baby of Sugar Sifter, a Chartered Accountant who’s currently following her passion of baking cakes, pastries and cookies.

She gave them a goodie bag with a box of 6 cupcakes for them to frost, the recipes of the day, an apron and a piping bag. At first, they practised on paper and then did it on the cupcake, directly. Bhavana helped each child through the process, guiding them with tricks and techniques. All the kids had a lovely time.


 Kids frosting on cupcake after practising   Getting ready to frost with the buttercream frosting in bowls    Learning to frost on paper

Ready-to-frost buttercream in bowls