Rounak Maiti
Duration: 0:07:23

Marked by loss, isolation and yet ultimately optimism, Hey Angels is a document of the inherent subjectivity in memories and storytelling, ultimately questioning whether differentiating between truth and subjectivity matters. The artist was commissioned by Sam Boullier to make a few original score pieces for his experimental documentary/fiction film Hey Angels. To create the soundtrack, he was provided sounds from the valley and field recordings captured by Sam and was instructed to create a sound composition that took sonic elements of these memories and interplayed them with music. Creating contemplative textures that recapitulated the field recordings and imbued them with long-winding melodies, layers of processing and abstraction were used to reimagine the songwriting process into a speculative, film-scoring technique.

Rounak Maiti is an artist, writer and researcher currently based in New Delhi, India. Rounak's primary practice is as a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, having self-produced SoundCloud demos, sound art and full-length albums since 2012. A self-taught artist and producer, Rounak's work as a solo artist and artist groups spans across folk, electronic, experimental, rock and hip-hop music. Informed by his upbringing across the US and India, his music contemplates issues of identity, family and selfhood in the age of technology. He is currently signed to the roster of New Delhi's Pagal Haina Records. Apart from his music, Rounak has written for Lexington Books (upcoming), Conflictorium (upcoming), Marketplace Business News, International Documentary Association and Civic Studios.

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