Vigueras Bravo

 Ruth Vigueras Bravo
At the end of the road, life is Red
Sound assembly, 2020
Duration: 0:04:00

This sound piece is framed within the concepts of territory, migration and memory; within a Latin American context. It shows the geopolitical situation on the border of Mexico with the United States of America. It concerns the thousands of Mexicans who cross the border after their much longed-for "American dream". Those lucky ones who fulfil their dream, others, thousands of migrants, who died trying to cross the border; killed by the US immigration police. There are countless ‘border stories’ in the north of my country; migration being one of the most important problems in Mexico, a consequence of uneven economic development, coupled with other types of conflicts; the trafficking of drugs, children, women, organs, and the displacement of peasants who have emigrated to big cities. My interest in migration issues as a Mexican citizen evokes the reminiscences of transience, the footprint, the memory and the traces that are forgotten at the border, those relating to border restrictions, territory, and diverse policies which contribute to rejection and racism.

Ruth Vigueras Bravo (Mexico City, Mexico), Ruth Vigueras Bravo is a Mexican visual artist whose work focuses on performance art and photography. She holds a BFA and an MFA. Ruth’s performance work characterizes urban Site-Specific interventions with social and political connotations, coming from a process of autoethnographic research in which the body acts as an interlocutor in the public space. Due to her social interest, she teaches workshops, special courses, as well as performance and photography seminars. She also engages the community at the national and international levels by creating various electronic and printed publications, with essays on contemporary art and photography. She has participated in various performance and action art festivals in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Spain, United States, Italy, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Portugal, South Korea, Thailand and Venezuela. She was a fellow at the National Council for Culture and the Arts in Mexico (CONACULTA) and the Postgraduate in Arts and Design at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

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