Sethu Venugopal
Duration: 0:05:00

The work is a means of recollecting memories of suburban cityscapes that include a fish market and our unconscious ambulation through mechanical rhythms that create a pattern. A series of non-narrative motifs of sounds continuously lead us to make random associations with memories of the past. In the absence of the visual, this soundtrack attempts to look at how an aural stimulus might assist in creating a notional memory of the future. An attempt at exploring the difference between reproducing our ambiences in unreal spaces like a cinema hall and replaying everyday sounds that one might not necessarily notice as being part of one's psycho-acoustic memory.

Sethu Venugopal, 26, is an alumnus of Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Kolkata, specialising in Sound Recording and Design (2017-2020). Sethu Venugopal is a freelance specialist in sound design based in Mumbai, India. To his credit are sound design for Like A Midnight Dream (2019) and Amayi (2020) which were screened at Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2021 and at Krakow International Film Festival 2021 respectively. His short film ‘The God of Panic Street’ (2018) was nominated for Best Sound Design at Filmfest Dresden 2019. He is currently working in Mumbai, India as a location recordist and sound designer on various independent films and projects.

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