Art Expressive Therapy Workshops 4th April – 13th April 2016

I didn’t realise that I was struggling with so many negative emotions till I attended the three day art therapy workshop.The workshop enabled me to recognise and expel them,that had accumulated over time. It enabled me to connect to the inner me and also made me realise that I am a beautiful creation of God..and through the love of God and the strength that He provides, nothing is impossible..I can be whatever He created me to be, no matter what the circumstances maybe in my life.

Sara Paul, Kochi


It was a good break for me from my hectic schedule. This was helpful to understand myself. I really liked the concept of relating my emotions with colours. I enjoyed the three days of painting and also the interactive sessions. Felt relaxed at the end of it.

Anu Abraham, Kochi

Chartered Accountant

The art healing therapy workshop was an enriching experience for me personally. The journey of self discovery is an insatiable one and finding yourself through art takes you to a different level altogether.

With Andrea and Saisha at the helm, it was 3 days of digging deep and unearthing inherent qualities which lay within ourselves. The take out was that, when life gives you a bunch of scribbles (literally), what seems an arduous situation to be in, can be an opportunity to paint a beautiful picture you never thought you were capable of executing. The little lessons we learn on our own are the most reassuring ones.

Thank you Tanya for bringing us this opportunity and I ardently hope many more people take time to do this workshop as what you learn is immeasurable.

Sareeka John, Kollenchery


There is a marked improvement in the drawing abilities and general performance of the children. By understanding the concepts of colours, they are able to visualise poems and other concepts at school easier and put them down on paper.

Rosalind Shermy S

Teacher, Amaravathy School, Fort Kochi