There is a marked improvement in the drawing abilities and general performance of the children. By understanding the concepts of colours, they are able to visualise poems and other concepts at school easier and put them down on paper.

Rosalind Shermy S

Teacher, Amaravathy School, Fort Kochi

The children at Amaravathy School are very talented. Continuous art education will prove tremendous visible change.

Bibin Thomas


I witnessed great improvements in a special needs child’s abilities at Amaravathy School. Working with art has shown us change can happen.

Kavitha George

Volunteer and Lead , Amaravathy School


Anton Kats

Artist at Pepper House Residency, Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2018

I am able to draw better and the art classes help me with my school-work as well. I now have the confidence to part in art competitions too.

Divya S Kumar

9 years , Amaravathy Govt School

The students were a little nervous in the beginning, it was the time for them with art. But the mentors friendly approach and manner of getting them to understand and express themselves through art, changed the scenario.


Coordinator , St Joseph’s LP School, Kumbalangi

The art therapy workshop by Edmundo Santos helped me to let go of thoughts which no longer served me, to connect with people more compassionately and with less judgement and more understanding, to feel grateful for abundance I possess and to forgive those whom I feel have wronged me. It also helped me forgive, appreciate and love myself more. At the end of the workshop, I could see clearly a promising future unfolding before me.

Gayathri Jayan

30 Years , Chartered Accountant