July 2016

Cupcake frosting workshop

Held at Yacht Club, the Cupcake Frosting workshop saw 23 young children get a demo and some hands-on experience in baking cupcakes in flavours such as red velvet, chocolate and vanilla. It was held by Bhavana Baby of Sugar Sifter, a Chartered Accountant who’s currently following her passion of baking cakes, pastries and cookies.

She gave them a goodie bag with a box of 6 cupcakes for them to frost, the recipes of the day, an apron and a piping bag. At first, they practised on paper and then did it on the cupcake, directly. Bhavana helped each child through the process, guiding them with tricks and techniques. All the kids had a lovely time.


 Kids frosting on cupcake after practising   Getting ready to frost with the buttercream frosting in bowls    Learning to frost on paper

Ready-to-frost buttercream in bowls


April 2016

Puppet Theatre Workshop by Ilona Lehtorant

This workshop taught kids how puppet theatre works- from making puppets and creating a script to bringing these puppets alive